Hello Everyone,

I know that losing the 2020 season was an unfortunate event to all of our players and families due to the rise of Covid-19. In preparing for the 2021 season I know that many families have concerns in regards to what Covid-19 will do to this upcoming season; will it shorten the season, what safety measures are being taken, and will we even have a season?

At this time I will relay what I know and what I hope for in regards to 2021 being better than 2020.

What I know:

  • LMYA has adopted a new policy 107 which outlines protocols for addressing and dealing with Covid-19. This policy was implemented for our Fall sports and it was a success.
  • The Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League (LVYLL) has taken additional precautions to have a season for all of its member organizations and their players. In November the LVYLL adopted US Lacrosse’s Return to Play protocol to help guide the league during these ever changing times.
  • The LVYLL is looking in additional measures to ensure player safety by looking at regional play, evaluating PPE that can be safely integrated into lacrosse gear and working side by side with referees to put safety first.
  • All of the coaches will be instructed in these policies and will have safety protocols in place at practice and games.

What I am hopeful for:

  • I am hopeful that Covid-19 numbers reduce drastically between now and April
  • I am hopeful that we can provide the boys some type of season, if it would even be 6 games
  • I am hopeful that we have great weather and that getting outside for this great sport will bring a little joy to everyone

I know that new questions may arise and you may have questions about what was shared in this post. If at anytime you have concerns or questions please reach out to me at lacrosse@lmya.org. Take care and stay safe.

Josh Miller
Boys Lacrosse Coordinator

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