Hello LMYA Families,


For the 2022 season we are restructuring our uniforms and base pricing structure. 


For players in 1st and 2nd grade, there will be a base registration fee of $105 and players will be given a game jersey, shooting shirt and shorts. The shooting shirt and shorts will be kept by the players at the end of the season and only the game jerseys will be returned. There is no additional cost beyond the base registration fee as the cost of the shooting shirt and shorts are included in the registration fee as well as the rental fee to maintain the game jerseys. As an organization we realize that lacrosse is an expensive sport for families and many times players only play for one year in the younger age groups. This structure was created to help families and help ease families into lacrosse. 


For players in grades of 3rd through 8th, there will be a base registration fee of $125 (3rd/4th) or $145 (5th/6th/7th/8th) and players will buy their own uniform on top of the base registration fee. The cost for the uniform will range from $78 – 86 depending on whether or not youth or adult sizes are selected. As you purchase your uniform, you should plan accordingly and buy a size that allows your player(s) to grow into their jersey. Purchasing a larger size and growing into the jersey would allow for two years of wear. Wearing the jerseys for two years will cost the family the same as doing loaner jerseys under the old pricing structure. 


For players in grades 3 through 8, here is how the uniform ordering will work:


  • There will be three windows for players to purchase their uniforms.There will be a December window for player(s) who register early, a January window for those who register late December and early January, and the final window will be in February for the player(s) who register in the provisional window. 
  • After the player(s) register, an email will be sent with a link to go to the uniform shop to select their size and their number. Please note that it is first come first serve for numbers and the uniform shop email will contain more detail about the shop. 
  • Please select your sizes carefully because I will not have spares to exchange. Once you select your sizes and purchase your uniform it will be sent directly to your home and it is yours to keep after the season. No more uniform distribution and collection.
  • Players are required to purchase a jersey, shooting shirt, and shorts.


Below are what the new uniforms for grades 3 through 8 will look like.  

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me at lacrosse@lmya.org


Josh Miller

Boys Lacrosse Coordinator

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