Beginning on January 1, 2022, a new safety rule has been enacted for all youth lacrosse players by US Lacrosse requiring every player to have shoulder pads and/or goalie pads that meet NOCSAE safety standard ND200. ND200 is a redesign to shoulder pads that have extra padding and a redesign that protects players from serious injury if there is any blunt force to the chest. This is something that cannot be ignored because any player who does not have these new pads will not be allowed to participate in practices and games. 


Here are a couple of things I recommend for everyone:

  1. Purchase the pads soon. I know it is hard to believe but COVID is still affecting distribution and production lines. Maybe make them a birthday or Xmas gift.
  2. If you are ordering online, don’t just buy the pads on sale unless they have the language listed below. I highly recommend you look for all the pads that are labeled “NEW” and make sure in the description there is the following language or something close to it appears.
     “Meets the new NOCSAE commotio cordis performance standard (ND200) for lacrosse.”
  3. Below are two links, an article about why the change and the other is an FAQ US Lacrosse created. These layout why the change is occuring.
  4. to Dick’s or another sports store that sells pads and try on a set  to size out your son before ordering online. Online stores are still usually cheaper than buying in person at Dick’s or other local stores. Here a list of some good online lacrosse stores:

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