https://www.afcflagfootball.com/league-rules Fall 2022 Rules. There are some changes please read.


2022 LMYA Fall Flag Football is BACK!!!

For the past 7 years we have partnered with AFC and SPYA, to create the Southwest Lehigh Flag Football program. With the growing numbers for both LMYA and SPYA we have mutually decided to go our separate ways. We will be partnered with AFC for the fall season. We have gown so much over the past few seasons, that our programs felt we needed to go our separate ways to keep the program growing internally. Last season we had over 400 kids registered for LMYA alone.  .

For the spring season  we decided to try an advanced division, as well as the normal rec division. This was the first time our league has tried the two divisions, and we received great feed back(good and bad). For the fall season we will be doing the rec division only.  Teams have a maximum of 5 player request per team. We will divide the teams equally after that.  We will hold a player evaluation for those who can make it on 8/14/2022.  Our hopes are to be able to use the information to build equal teams.


This fall, we will have the following age groups (all age groups are Co-Ed):

  • U06 - Ages 5 and 6
  • U08 - Ages 7 & 8
  • U10 - Ages 9 and 10
  • U12 - Ages 11 & 12
  • U14 - Ages 13 and 14
  • U17 - Ages 15 thru 17


*Rec division (U6 through U17):
-Approximately 50% playing time for each player
-Still a competitive league, and will also have playoffs/championship
-May request up to 5 players/friends on the same team

Games are typically played on Saturdays (9:00 am thru about 2:00 pm depending on amount of teams). We have also played a limited schedule of games on Friday Nights each weekend after 5:30 pm.

We do try to avoid Sunday through Thursday games, but, weather postponements to be made-up and other season dates restraints may force us to play games on weekdays (as we saw this happen in the fall).

Practices will be dependent on the coach of the team, with typically 1-2 practices during the week.

With that being said, Covid-19 is still a talking point and state and local guidelines may determine if we have to alter plans or procedures. If that happens, we will address it.

Practices start in late August/early September and games start in early September with expected tournament weekend the weekend of 11/4/22 and 11/5/22.  All games will be held at at Quarry Park.

I can tell you, myself, along with the other coordinators (and assistant coordinators), along with all volunteers and coaches (and players) among all 3 organizations, we all get paid the same amount to do this.  If you were not aware, we are all volunteers.

For LMYA, in the past couple seasons, we have added assistants to support myself and the program. These individuals will be stepping up this season and all taking on more responsibilities.  Those names are listed below and we all thank you for continual support of this program.

Chris Ofner - Flag Football Coordinator

Edgar Marin - Ast Coordinator

Joe Candio - Ast Coordinator

Jerod Mickelson - Ast. Coordinator


  • Questions?
    • Contact us at
      • football@lmya.org


Coach/Player NFLFlag Website - provides info of NFL Flag and Coach tips and plays

If you sign up your player to NFLFlag site, you can be put on their mailing list with NFL Flag news and tips.

NFL Flag Website




Youth Sports Volunteers videos and articles

University of South Carolina Basketball Coach, Frank Martin, was asked about youth sports volunteers, here is his response (at below link)

Coach Frank Martin on youth sport Volunteers

Rick Wolff, expert in sports psychology out of New York city, who has a Sunday morning radio show that deals with youth sports called, "The Sports edge.  His website is http://www.askcoachwolff.com. Below are a sampling of some of his info from his website

Volunteer Coach - Things to know when you volunteer

ABUSIVE SPORTS PARENTS: Still Trying to Curb Violent Acts by Angry Parents



LMYA Flag Football Program Goals

Lower Mac Athletics Mission:

“To provide instructional, recreational and competitive team sports that foster sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills, and healthy lifestyles.” 

Flag Football Program Goals:

  • Lower Mac Athletics sponsors a comprehensive program that provides a positive learning experience and recognizes the diverse interests of the participants.  This program is designed to teach the game of flag football while highlighting the benefits of fun, teamwork and physical activity.
  • Intramural skill development is the primary focus at an early age.  This focus continues as players progress up through the various levels. 
  • All coaches, participants and parents will receive the following information concerning the 2021 Flag Football program: 

              Lower Mac Athletics Code of Conduct
NFL Flag Football Rules of Play   2021 SW Lehigh Rulebook1

Five Things Your Child Will Learn Playing Flag Football
June 28, 2016
Youth flag football gives children the option to play football with the same fitness and competitive benefits of tackle football, but with less risk of injury.  Along with the physical benefits of playing a sport like flag football, there are also multiple character building benefits for your child.


Youth flag football is a great team sport option for children. The sport offers kids the chance to play, work and have fun with a group of other children and teaches them skills to work together.  Teamwork is a big aspect of flag football as kids learn how important it is to collaborate with others and work towards a common goal.


Along with teamwork, coaches will teach your child the importance of practice.  As coaches work on fundamentals to help your child learn the game, players  discover that practice is an important part to playing a sport, and that without practice, improvement in any skill can be difficult.


Playing a youth sport such as flag football teaches your child how to compete, as an individual and also as a member of a team. Working hard on the playing field provides learning lessons that can go beyond sports.


Flag football is also a great way for children to develop social skills.  By being a part of a team, children learn how to communicate and work well with others.  They will learn how to take initiative and lead, but then they also learn when it is their turn to sit back and follow.  The social skills kids gain by learning how to play with other children from different backgrounds is priceless and will continue to be an asset to them as they grow older.


Most importantly, playing flag football with i9 Sports teaches your child the value of being a good sport and behaving with integrity, respect and humility, regardless of winning or losing. Being positive and shaking hands with teammates, referees and opponentsinstills valuable lessons in your child.

Character building and social skills are certainly major benefits to flag football participation, but let’s not forget that it’s also fun and a great way to make new friends! If you want to register your son or daughter for an i9 Sports flag football program, follow this link to see which leagues are available in your area!


LMYA Flag Football Participation

Each Team will consist of up to 10 players and no less than 6. Participation is important in this league and each player will have the opportunity to be on the field during games to participate.  Every player must play in a good portion of the game (expected to be around half the game), unless a restriction reported to the league and head coach limits a player's participation.

Equipment recommended:

  • Mouth Guard (REQUIRED)
  • Highly recommended - Football Cleats (non-metal) - Can use other sport cleats, just do not want the player to slip
  • Non-Pocket shorts/pants are suggested. If they do have pockets, we will need to tape over the pockets, which can sometimes mark up the material.
  • We will provide Jerseys, flags and flag belts
    • Team jerseys for your team MUST be worn to be eligible to play. If a player plays without, the game will be a forfeit.

All players and Coaches should register at link below also for Bonus info and tips for playing NFL Flag football

Coaches will have background checks submitted to the league commissioner.

NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Participation Agreement

In order for every player to be able to participate in LMYA's NFL FLAG FOOTBALL PROGRAM.   Every player must have the NFL FLAG FOOTBALL Participation Agreement filled out and submitted.   Once you have registered you will receive an email with the Participation Agreement Link.  Below is the same link.  




  • Field Locations
    • 2022 Spring Games
    • LMYA Practices - Farmington Hills Park-​​​​​​​230 Goldenrod Drive - Macungie
      • Head Coach may choose another area park for practices.


Flag Football Practice tips/idea Links

Youth Flag Football Drills

Youth Flag Football Drills - Videos

If you go online, you can find many more than the two links I provided.


Flag Football Coordinators

Chris Ofner - Flag Football Coordinator  football@lmya.org

Edgar Marin - Ast Coordinator

Joe Candio - Ast Coordinator

Jerod Mickelson - Ast. Coordinator