2021 Spring Registration

INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL -  Registration is open now thru 2/24/21.

We will also be holding 2 skills days to keep the girls practiced and evaluate player potential. The skills days also provide a quick look at the groups to help balance the teams within the age groups. There is also a possibility your player(s) may receive an invite to our travel tryouts, tryouts are always open to anyone interested. These skills days are much more than an evaluation, they are NOT a tryout. The sessions give us a chance to teach different skills, techniques, and build confidence for the upcoming seasons. We try to incorporate drills that your player can work on at home before the season to help improve their game. Although this is not travel softball we find it important to provide a path for all players who want to improve their abilities, game knowledge, and overall health.

TRAVEL SOFTBALL – Registration is open now thru 2/24/21. Please register ASAP so we can get your player(s) entered into the tryout listing. This allows us to make sure you receive all of the proper information about the teams, age level, league play, and tournament outlook for the upcoming seasons. LM travel softball is a year long program in which we strive to not only make your daughter a better softball player we strive to make them better overall athletes. With that in mind, please be aware there are additional fees besides registration for travel softball.  The uniform package, tournaments, and winter work out program are the majority of the additional costs. There are already a bunch of fundraising opportunities planned during the season to help offset these costs. The program is always looking for suggestions on more fundraising. Age group, level of play, and team planning fully determine the amount of these additional costs per player. Travel softball is a commitment. We will practice and play games in the fall, have at least 2 sessions a week in the winter(starting late December), and get into our main season in the spring/summer of 2021. We hope all of the girls can attend every practice, work out, and games. With that said, as the girls get older the level of intensity escalates along with the level of competition. Please do not be afraid to discuss any potential conflicts with the softball or travel coordinators before tryouts.


  • 10u and 12u - TBD
  • 14u - TBD
  • 16u - TBD

LOCATION -Wescosville Fields 

We look forward to another year of Lower Mac Softball.

Please see: Participation, Frequently Asked Questions and Rules & Policies (from tab on left of screen) for
league information, age divisions, and further information regarding Spring Intramural softball

Player Skills Clinics - TBD

Location: Wild Cherry Park

Coaching Clinics - TBD

Pitchers and Catchers Clinic - TBD 





I pledge to COMPETE with CLASS and HONOR THE GAME…

  • I will honor the history of Softball and commit to maintaining the core values of the game's culture.
  • I will recognize the value of safe and fair play by teaching, enforcing and playing by the letter and spirit of the game.
  • I will practice and encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other Softball event.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well-being of our players ahead of any personal desire to win.
  • I will support coaches and officials working with players in order to encourage a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  • I will do my very best to make the sport fun for everyone who participates.
  • I will ask all family members and fans to be tolerant and inclusive by treating other players, coaches, fans and officials with high regard and respect.


To expose girls to the game of Softball in a very positive way!

To help each and every player achieve her personal best in the game of Softball!


EXPECTATIONS of LMYA Softball Coaches:


1.  Communicate in a positive manner at all times.

2. Follow league and Lower Mac rules regarding all aspects of the game and coaching.

3. Teach the fundamental skills of softball.

4. No punishments.  Coach positively.

5.  Teach Proper warm-ups PRIOR to throwing BEFORE games/practices, Stretching
AFTER games

6.  Become a role model for your players to develop character.

7. Participate in the appropriate league as determined by the sport coordinator, and
attend all practices and games at the designated times and locations determined
by the sport coordinator, participate in ALL post-season activities of their league
(all-star and play-offs,) work with other coaches and coordinators within LMYA
intramural & travel to ensure all players are playing at the appropriate level, having
fun, and that coaches ask for help if needed.  We are all here to teach fundamentals,
promote a love for the game and place girls at the highest level of competition they are able to play.

8. Attend all coaches meetings before and after each season to ensure communication,
discuss issues for the improvement of the program.

9. Keep care of all equipment given to them during the season. They must IMMEDIATELY
report anybroken or dangerous equipment to Taryn Kulp ( They must
also pick up and return all equipment at the designated times/dates at the beginning
and ending of their season.

10. Meet with uniform coordinator at the beginning of the season to pick up or distribute

11. Realize that by participating with any LMYA softball team, all volunteers are
acknowledging that they've read, understood, and will follow both LMYA's Code
of Conduct and the league's COC. If any coaches are found to break any of these
rules, they may not be asked back to coach in any capacity the next year. Also,
any behaviors which go against LMYA policy (violence, abuse, etc) will be reported
to the board as policy dictates and the police may be involved.

12.  According to LMYA email policy, coaches may only contact players' parents for
Lower Mac softball-related things like practice, game and end of season information,
etc.  This contact should only occur during the actual season.  Coaches do not
have permission to contact players for non-Lower Mac purposes or to advertise
things like other youth organizations, other travel teams, spam or commercial
advertisements.  This goes against email policy.

13.  If scheduled for a specific age group, all intramural coaches should attend the
SKILLS DAY.  These are usually held for U10 age groups but sometimes
at other levels.  Intramural coaches should NEVER discourage returning
players from attending.  The SKILLS DAY has two purposes:  to rate players
for the draft and to rate players so that it can be determined if they should be
trying out for travel/tournament instead of intramural.  *LMYA encourages
all talented players to participate at its upper levels for safety reasons.
There is a travel level for all ages starting at 8 years old (there may or not
be a travel team offered past U14 from year to year as its based on interest.)

14.  All travel coaches will follow seasonal and off-season expectations of LMYA.
These expectations will come directly from the Travel Coordinator.  Coaches
will be informed which league they participate in, a maximum or minimum
number of tournaments their teams must participate in, and which off-season
workouts are mandatory (where, why, when, and for whom.)  There are limitations
of activities and off-season workouts (regardless of desire of participation by
parent or players.)   All anticipated activites (including off-season workouts) must
be discussed and approved by the TRAVEL COORDINATOR. *Failure to
communicate with your Travel Coordinator appropriately, follow LMYA expectations,
and failure to follow LMYA philosophy will result in any travel coach not being asked
back to coach their team.   Removal of a coach must be put to vote at a
Committee Meeting and have majority vote (Lindsay Taylor and Softball
Coordinator's vote will be included.)

15.  All coaches will follow LMYA's Weather and Safety Policy for games and practices.

16.  All coaches will complete the certification on Concussion Training through the CDC.
Information will be given to coaches via email.

Selection of Coaches

LMYA reserves the ability to select individual coaches from season to season.  There are
several reasons why a person may not be selected for a head coach or assistant position.
Some of them are:  returning head coaches have already been selected and there is no need
for any new head coaches, enough assistant coaches have been selected or the head coaches
have selected their own choice of two assistants, and most importantly - some coaches are no
longer selected for a coaching spot (whether head or assistant) due to reported offenses
which go against the Lower Macungie Athletic Coaching Requirements and Expectations.

When a coach engages in behavior that goes against Lower Macungie Athletic's policies,
they will not be selected as either a head or assistant coach and may not perform in any
capacity as such for any team.



  • Arrive on time - 15 minutes early to practices, and at pre-determined time for games
  • Be POSITIVE with yourself, your coaches, and your team-mates
  • "Leave it all on the field":  While at practice, focus ON SOFTBALL and work hard!
  • No cliques..we are all one team
  • Attitude and effort will impact playing time more than anything else
  • Playing time philosophy:  everyone plays, all skill levels will progress
  • TEAMS SPLIT CAREFULLY TO MAXIMIZE EACH PLAYER’S OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE, all working toward same goal:  personal best



  • Offer as much notice as possible if a player is missing a practice or game
  • Please do not coach from the sidelines.  Positive reinforcement is encouraged! Players do not need conflicting direction; they need to be allowed to make their own choices on the field in order to develop
  • Please do not yell at the refs or question calls
  • If you have an issue or concern, solve it with the coaches rather than spreading it along the sideline, or to your player.  Negativity is contagious.
  • If there are questions or concerns, please call or e-mail




Most LMYA teams participate as a member in a league which exists outside of Lower Macungie Youth Association.  This league, with LMYA getting one vote, determines the nights of the games, the rules of the games and the age qualifications.  Participation is currently based on how old a girl is as of January 1st (for example: 'a player must turn X by 1/1 and cannot be X by 1/1'.)  LMYA participates in the Parkland Softball League and the Lehigh Valley Girls Travel League.  All of these leagues are capable of changing any and all of the below information at any time.

Fall Intramural Programs

All players who will be moving up to the next age group in the upcoming spring season, will be moved up to that higher age group during the fall season for learning the new rules, base and pitching paths and practice for the upcoming spring (No exceptions.)

YOUR PLACEMENT IN THE FALL DOES NOT DICTATE YOUR PLACEMENT IN THE SPRING.  Due to team viability issues: if any player is allowed to play up, whether in the fall or spring season, if the player is age eligible the next season for the lower age bracket-they will be assigned the lower age bracket (no exceptions, no 'grandfathering' them to the higher age bracket)

Spring Intramural Program

All players are expected to try-out for travel teams when desiring to play up for reasons including, but not limited to, needing a challenge, to play competitively, or if they believe they're too good to play at age level.  The noted exceptions will be considered and decided upon by the coordinator.  Players MAY NOT play up or down for 'wanting to play with their friends' or because they prefer a specific coach at any intramural level.

Travel Program

Lower Macungie's Travel program is now year-round.  Try-outs are held in August.  Teams participate in leagues, tournaments, and winter workouts.


U10       - Players trying out for this team must be 8 yrs old on or before January 1st AND cannot be
11 yrs old on or before January 1st
Spring & Fall seasons partake in the Lehigh Valley Travel League
Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered
Team can partake in up to 2 tournaments
Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND neighboring
Try outs are held at the same time as the U10 skills day (players are offered spots on the
team-they can accept or decline)

U12       -Players trying out for this team are usually 11 yrs old on or before January 1st AND cannot
be 13 yrs old on or before January 1st
Spring and Fall seasons partake in the Lehigh Valley Travel League
Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered
Team can partake in up to 3-4 tournaments
Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND neighboring
Try outs are held at the same time as the U12 skills day (players are offered spots on the
team-they can accept or decline)

U14       -Players trying out for this team are usually 13 yrs old on or before January 1st AND cannot
old on or before January 1st
Fall season has the option of partaking in the Lehigh Valley League or tournaments
Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered (used as try out for pitchers & catchers)
Teams can partake in up to 6 tournaments
Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND neighboring
Try outs will be held in early March at the Wescosville field

U16       - Players trying out for this team are usually 15 yrs old on or before January 1st AND
cannot be 17 yrs  old on or before January 1st
Spring season partakes in the Lehigh Valley Travel League
Fall season has the option of partaking in the Lehigh Valley League or tournaments
Practices are 2-3 days a week until games start
Winter pitching and catching sessions are offered (used as try out for pitchers & catchers)
Teams can partake in up to 6 tournaments
Accepted registrants:  players who reside in the East Penn School District AND
neighboring districts
Try outs will be held in early March at the Wescosville field

U18       -Offer of this age group will be based on current registration numbers


  • Playing up policy :  any player who registers with LMYA travel may elect to participate in another age division's try-out (older) to see if they are offered a spot on the team (they must register at their own age division and then contact Mr. Palazzo notifying him that the player would like to try-out for another age level.)   If not offered a spot, their name goes to the age appropriate level and they wait to see if they are offered a spot on that team.  If not offered a spot on their age appropriate team, they have the following options:  refund or elect to play on an intramural team.
  • Residency Restrictions:  There are none.  LMYA softball has opened registration and try-outs for all age groups (U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18) to those players who reside outside of East Penn School District and would like to play on an LMYA travel team.  Per LMYA policy, teams are allowed to offer spots to players outside of the East Penn School District area encompassing up to 25% of the team UNLESS there is a viability issue and we cannot field a team without these outside players then it could be more players.  If there is a viability issue, teams can hold more than 25% of players outside of East Penn residency.
  • LMYA travel will not offer a spot on any travel team (excluding U10s) for players who also play on any other softball tournament teams.  The reason for this is as follows:  our travel teams also engage in tournaments and we expect all of our roster to commit 100% to all of our endeavors.  The reason U10 is an exception is because we attend only two tournaments in spring and we would be able to overlook this policy for ONLY this age group.
  • Releases must be obtained for those leaving LMYA travel and for those incoming to the LMYA travel program from outside organizations. (this only applies if their organization is offering a travel program at their age level.)
  • Travel demands a higher level of commitment from its players but we acknowledge that, per LMYA policy, Softball is a primary sport in spring AND a secondary sport in the fall.  As long as schedules are exchanged ahead of time and before the season begins- travel should not interfere with other endeavors.  Communication between coaches and parents is a must.  Following LMYA policy, we expect softball games to be a priority in the spring while we honor other sports' games as a priority in the fall (regarding attendance at  practices.)  All players are expected to participate in tournaments apart from the regular season.

Travel or Intramural?

Lower Macungie Travel teams have participated in the Lehigh Valley Travel League for almost two decades and have developed a reputation as an established and experienced organization.  The majority of our travel coaches are highly qualified with over twenty years of coaching experience including travel and tournament coaching specifically.  Most of our travel players move on to play softball at the high school level and some at the college level.We offer something very unique to your player - the opportunity to play in travel league games and to play in tournaments.  We are not aware of any other youth organization who offers this.  We are not solely a travel team and not soley a tournament team - but a hybrid of them both.  Our teams play in the fall and spring local travel league games and then spend our summer in tournaments.The primary focus is to establish a playing field for those players interested in playing at a higher level.  Games are playing in the Lehigh Valley Girls Travel League and in local, state and national tournaments.  We will seek to have teams at every age level: U10, U12, U14 and U18.  We will have tryouts every spring and coaches have the option of fall tryouts depending on registration numbers.  Winter workouts are provided for pitchers and catchers.  Some teams conduct hitting workouts at the parent's expense in addition during the winter months.Residency restrictions:  The LV Travel League does not have residency restrictions for travel ball therefore LMYA will follow this policy.  It states that the following players may try out and be registered for teams:  any child residing in East Penn School District, any child residing in Lower Macungie Township, and any child with residency outside of the boundaries of the East Penn School District.  *Each team cannot constitute more than 25% of the roster with out of district players UNLESS there is an issue of validity.Travel vs. Intramural:
How do you decide whether your daughter should play intramural or travel?Let me begin by giving you some false statements about travel and then
explain how it is false. Maybe you've heard some of these?
1.  Travel teams 'travel' or have to drive a much further distance than intramural.
I don't want to drive all over.

The truth is, all teams, except in-house pixies and little pixies, must travel outside of the
East Penn School District area.  Travel teams do involve some extra travel to the
tournaments but are communicated months ahead of time with parents.
2.  Travel teams have too many practices and the commitment is too high.
There is an expectation of a higher commitment level for those who play on travel teams.
Most travel teams, however, practice one more day a week than most of the intramural teams
(2 to 3 days a week.)  Once games begin, practices are limited and games should be the focus.
We  expect our players to be committed to their team as well as our coaches.  LMYA expects
all travel coaches to commit year round and we expect no less from the players.  Reminder:
softball is a primary sport in the spring and a secondary sport in the fall.
3.  I'd rather have my daughter play competitively so I just want her to play up instead
of going out for travel.
Playing up in intramural is not playing competitively.  Intramural is not competitive in any
fashion - it's purpose is to teach fundamental aspects of the game allowing for a fun time.
If you are seeking a more competitive environment, travel is where your daughter should be
playing.  In addition, at travel, the level of play is higher as well as the competition.
4.  I want to continue coaching my daughter.  If my daughter goes to travel, I won't
be her coach anymore.
The truth is, assistant coaches are always needed and wanted with most teams and your help
will always be appreciated if the offer is made.  If your daughter makes the travel team it does
not mean that you will not be allowed to help out her team.  Your coaches will reach out to you
and your help will be appreciated if there is a need; however, I recommend that you offer your
help to the coach after you are contacted that your daughter is being offered a spot on the
team.LMYA's philosophy is to place each player at the level of participation that best fits their ability -
for some this means travel.  Please do not hold your child back simply because you wish to
continue being her head coach.  Most of our travel coaches have certifications outside of LMYA
and have over 10 or more years of coaching at the travel or tournament level.
5.  My daughter is bored at her age level and I'd like to move her up to the higher age
The truth is, softball is not necessarily a fast-paced sport.  At the younger age levels, pitching
and hitting can be difficult and seem to take very long causing boredom in some players.  We
are always looking at suggestions to allow the game to progress more efficiently - please offer
yours. LMYA does not move players up to the next higher age bracket due to boredom.
Truth is, if your daughter is bored there is a chance she does not like the sport.  Only sign your
children up for a sport if they are interested in it and like it.  If this is not the case -
your daughter may need to play at the travel level if they are bored at the intramural level.
6.  My daughter wants to play/is playing school ball but she wants to play with her
friends in intramural instead of playing at the travel level.
The truth is, intramural does not offer the level of play and competition for any player who
engages in/wishes to continue engaging in school ball and/or is looking into playing softball in
college.  We will never force a player to choose intramural versus travel if  they make a school
team BUT we highly stress the importance of playing travel to keep one's skills to continue
playing at the expected level of play.  The majority of school players at all levels play travel or
tournament softball.
7.  My daughter's coach has contacted me and asked me to stay at intramural to keep
the team together.
The truth is, intramural coaches are not supposed to contact players to sway their choice
between travel and intramural AND LMYA does not encourage intramural coaches to have
off season contact with their past players either. Just as parents say LMYA does not own a
player, the coaches do not own those players either.  Since intramural is a teaching division,
winning is not supposed to be stressed.  Keeping players from progressing through the divisions
(pixie to intramural to travel) for the sake of retaining good players and winning games is
against LMYA softball policy.  Remember, LMYA's philosophy is that each athlete is participating
in the highest level of play according to their ability.  A coach convincing or persuading a player
to remain at intramural for the sake of winning games would be considered acting unethically
and those actions would result in their being asked not to coach.
Some additional facts about travel:
-All divisions of travel engage in tournaments in addition to the Lehigh Valley League season
(numbers vary by age group)
-All travel teams have practices and games at the Wescosville Fields (lower or upper)
-All travel teams hold try outs and coaches are solely responsible for times and days as well as
which players are chosen
-Most of our older travel players also play on school teams
-Assistant coaches aren't chosen until after players have been selected for the team
-All players who are not selected for the team will revert to the appropriate intramural division
based on their season age or be offered a refund
-All players trying out for an older age bracket who do not get offered a spot at that older age
bracket have these options:  wait to see if their age appropriate travel team coach offers them
a spot on that team, request a refund, or play in intramural
What is the difference between Travel and Intramural?
1.  Level of Play - Due to the try-out nature, we are searching for girls willing to compete for a
spot on the team.  These girls, who are asked to join our travel teams, have already
demonstrated a higher level of skill, drive to learn, performance, and a higher intention of
commitment.  These are girls at the top of their age bracket based on skill and drive.
2.  Expectation of Commitment - Travel players join our teams knowing that we expect their
complete commitment and dedication to the sport (softball is the primary season in spring.)
Along with the regular league season, tournaments are a mandatory attendance.  Tournaments
enable us to expose our players to even higher levels of competition.  Travel players look
forward to their practices, games, and are 'gamers' by nature.
3.  Higher Level of Instruction - All travel coaches attend coaching clinics, have past experience
with travel, and many years of coaching in general (if not coordinator experience.)  All coaches
are dedicated into making your daughter a better player. Our travel coaches provide an
advanced level of play and instruction to their players in skills many intramurals do not learn.
I hope this clears up some confusion that is out there regarding the travel vs. intramural issue.

Travel Try-Out Information

Travel Softball

  • Please refer to the tabs at the top of the page and read as much as you can on the travel program in general as well as team placement for travel teams
  • Spots are offered to players based on the results of the try-outs
  • Try-outs have multiple evaluators from inside and outside of Lower Macungie Athletics
  • All decisions are made SOLELY by the head coach and cannot be appealed for any reason
  • Evaluators are assessing players in defense and offense as well as coachability and focus using a number scale of 1-5 (1=excellent, 2=good, 3=average, 4=below average, 5=weak)

Why are try-outs held?

  • Try-outs are held for travel softball because our program engages in the Lehigh Valley Girls Travel League and local, state and sometimes national tournament play (ASA, PONY and USSSA.)  In order to participate in tournament softball, we are seeking the best of the best otherwise we cannot compete at this level.  At the try-outs, we are seeking players who have a heightened knowledge of the game, a stronger playing ability and a desire to engage at a higher level.

What is the procedure of the try-outs?

  • Parents are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the try-out is scheduled to begin ( to sign in, warm up and listen to head coach/coordinator discussion)
  • Multiple evaluators are used from inside and outside of Lower Macungie Athletics including high school, tournament and college players as well as current and past tournament/travel coaches.  Evaluators are never parents of current players (only exception being head coaches.)
  • Players sign in at a designated location, are given a number and then are expected to warm up (when parents sign in they will receive a paper with information on it regarding the process and how they will be notified of whether their child is offered a spot and what happens next.)
  • Head coach/coordinator will call parents to the sign in location and go over the process and answer any questions
  • Once parents are dismissed, try-outs will officially begin and players will be instructed to various locations for defense and offense drills.
  • Players will work at a station for a designated time and then move on while evaluators are recording observations.
  • At the end of the try-outs, the head coach/coordiantor will call all players together to wrap up the try-outs and briefly discuss to the players what will happen next.
  • Parents are welcome to stay to observe but cannot evaluate.  Parents are expected to remain at the side lines, not coach from the side lines and to refrain from speaking to evaluators during the try-out.

Evaluation Scores and Team Selection

  • Head coach will add up all  individual scores at the stations (meaning players get a number for hitting, bunting, infield, flyballs, throwing, and speed which will be added for a total sum along with a space for notes on a player's coachability and focus.)
  • The head coach has the ability to use the travel evaluation form to their discretion when selecting the team.  For example, a head coach can refer to specific positions the player plays (this is provided at sign up,) and can look at individual scores at specific stations or they could look at the total number scored out of all of the stations BUT most coaches are going to be looking at both of them.
  • Parents must understand that receiving a high score does not necessarily mean the player is a fit for a team.  For example, a spot may be open but a catcher is needed.  In this instance, there may be a player who scores well but is not be a catcher whereas there is another player who scores good or average, is a catcher and may be chosen over the higher scoring player for the sake of having a second catcher.  The evaluation form is a guideline and tool to be used in selecting the team - the head coach has final say over who is offered a spot on the team and why.
  • All evaluation forms will be kept on file for one year by the overall coorinator.  Once team selections have been made, the head coach will hand over or email a copy of the evaluations to the coordinator for this reason.

Notification of Team Selection

  • The head coach will notify EVERY player trying out for travel via email OR phone of their offer for a spot on the team OR to make them aware that they are not being offered a spot on the team.
  • Those offered a spot on the team may select to accept that spot or decline that spot.
  • Those who are not offered a spot on the team are automatically placed at their age appropriate instructional or intramural age division or may also elect to receive a refund BUT this request for a refund must be made before March 31st via the request for refund policy.
  • Parents are welcome to and encouraged to ask for their child's scores and to inquire on why their child was not offered a spot but must understand that all decisions are final.  This sometimes helps for a player to determine what they need to work on to improve.
  • Head coaches will email the coordinator with a listing of the final team roster by March 24th.  Once the final team roster has been handed in, the head coach may begin seeking out assistant coaches with players who have made the team.
  • Once your daughter has been placed onto either an intramural or travel team, their head coach will contact them further with specific information regarding their season.  Travel and some intramural teams begins almost immediately (except those who play for school) and instructional begins in April.

Travel Try-Out Dates as follows:  All try out dates, times, and locations are supplied to players who register for LMYA softball AND is posted at the section of the softball webpage called NEWS

Team Placement

This page contains information on how your child is placed onto a specific team.  There are specific rules regarding:  drafts, try-outs, and moving up to new divisions which are followed by Lower Macungie.   Please understand that there are some exceptions to these rules but most are followed 95% of the time.  Exceptions include:  Team viability, Sibling Requests, and playing up one level at travel.  These rules are specified on the intramural and travel pages.  As always, with any questions, please contact the softball coordinator, Adam Schwab.

Prep (formerly Pixies)*All players, will be randomly assigned to a prep team.*The only exceptions:  sibling rule, all coaches may choose up to 3 assistants and theirchildren will be placed on the team of that head coach.*There is no playing up at the intramural age level - only for team viability reasonsand that must be determined/approved by the coordinator.U12, U14 (formerly As) and U18 (formerly Juniors) Skills Day *Intramural and Travel**All players, whether signed up for intramural or travel, may partake in one day of skills demonstrationtotaling a maximum of 2 hours.  Please read below for the purpose of skills days.*Skills Day will occur in early March for spring and early August for fallbefore travel try-outs (location,date and time to be provided online and via email)*Intramural team placement - Age division returning players will remain on the same team together aslong as coach returns.  New players and those who miss skills day & are moving up will be placedinto draft.Intramural Team Selection Process *Skills Day
Firstly, all players may engage in a 1 day skills event where they will participate in hitting and
fielding drills.
2.  The purpose of having a skills day is two-fold.
One:  players are evaluated on a number skill from 1 - 4
(1 - few to no skill or knowledge of softball, 2 - some skill and knowledge of softball, 3 - good skill
and knowledge of softball and 4 - excellent or above average skill and knowledge of softball)
Two:  This evaluation allows the program to invite players to travel try-outs based on ability AND
to retain these evaluations to use during the draft & team development process for intramural*Draft Policy
All spring and fall head intramural coaches will use a draft to organize their teams at the all levels.
2.  This process will begin after returning players have been assigned to previous teams, after
exceptions have been worked through and agreed upon, and after skills days and try outs have
3.  Exception to draft process:  if there is only one team at any level - coordinator will place players
on team OR if there are not at least 20 players as part of the draft - coaches will draw teams
based on names.
4.  The skills days evaluation must be used at a meeting with the coaches and coordinator
5.  New Head Coaches are allowed to choose 2 Assistant Coaches (daughters follow)
6.  Returning Head Coaches retain the previous spring's players (aside from exceptions listed above) *Draft Process
1.  All Head Coaches pick players from two areas:  player list or hat (anonymous)
2.  The teams with less girls are allowed to choose first until the teams are matched (number of
girls) and then everyone gets an equal turnTravel Team Selection Process August Try-outs

  • Head coaches make the final decisions regarding placement of a player on their team

and decisions cannot be appealed

  • All travel teams involve try-outs during the month of August designated by the Travel

Coordinator and Overall Coordinator.

  • If you are not offered a spot on the team, you can choose the following:  you can elect

to receive a refund from LMYA softball, you can elect to participate in the intramural
you will wait for your age appropriate travel coach to contact you regarding whether
you made his/her team since you may still be offered a spot on that team.  If you are
not offered a spot on your age appropriate team, then same options apply as above
(refund or intramural)

  • Per LMYA policy, overall team registration may contain up to 25% of players from

out of district (or more in times of team viability)

  • Players may try out for a team one year above their own age bracket
  • Per softball policy, no players will be accepted on an LMYA travel team who also

play on a tournmant team (reason for this policy: our travel teams engage in
tournaments and we expect all of our roster to participate in them)
EXCEPTION: U10s (due to limited number of tournaments available to U10)

  • Interested players should register on the website being sure to click on the

travel option

  • Please see the Travel Page link for more information on travel


Equipment for Girl's Softball

  • Helmet with mask
  • Glove
  • Bat
  • Cleats

Rules of Play

Parkland League Intramural By-Laws

  •  The Parkland Softball League website can be located at  Please view this website to read about their by-laws, rules for each age division and other information.  Players and teams are placed in this league ONLY if there is no league offered at the EPGSL (see above league.)
Lehigh Valley Travel League By-Laws
  • The Lehigh Valley Travel League website can be located at  Please view this website to read about their by-laws, rules for each age division and other information.
Season Age: 5/6

1.     The game should be about having fun and learning beginner fundamentals while promoting safety.

2.     Every player is strongly recommended to purchase a mouth guard to wear while playing and/or a
face mask to avoid injury in addition to their own batting helmet for sanitary reasons.

3.   Cheering is permitted but only for your own team and never mentioning the opposing players or
being disparaging against the other team. Ex. “We’re going to kick the woopsy out of you,” is
not permitted.

5.    The games will last 1 1/2 hours (arrange to arrive 1/2 hour early for warm-ups.)

6.    Primary playing positions:

A. Pitcher, first, second, short, third, left field, right field, left-center, and right-center.

B. No Catcher (coach may stand here with caution)

C. You may have up to - but no more than - 6 outfielders at one time evenly spaced to avoid

D. Center fielders are not to cover 2nd base (teach short and second to cover appropriately)

E. All outfielders must begin play behind the baselines.

F. Every first baseman and pitcher must wear a face mask or batting helmet with face shield.

G. Players in the 'pitcher' position must be inside the pitching circle while a player is batting - no exceptions.

H. There are no overthrows at any base and play is considered dead after the overthrow.

I. At the Little Pixie level, teach the girls to make the throw to first base only.

7.     No score, outs, or strikes/balls counted. No books are needed but we do recommend keeping
track of your batting order and to change it often to ensure that everyone starts off the order
at least once in the season.

8.     Two defensive coaches are allowed in the outfield to give verbal instruction.

9.   No forfeits, rescheduling games or canceling a game if there is not enough players. If a team is short players then rotate players from the other team to outfield positions.  All games will go on despite the number of girls present. Only weather cancels a game.  No minimum number of players needed to start a game.

10.     Base coaches should not make contact with any base runner while the ball is in play. High fives are okay! - this means that coaches are not allowed to physically help a player run to a base and/or to step on a base.

11.     Coaches must rotate their players every inning - no exceptions! This means that every player is at a new position at the beginning of every inning.

12.     An eleven-inch incrediball is supplied.

13.     Batting

A. T's are used for all batters for first half of season (May.) For second half (June), there are 5 pitches and then the T will be used.

B. No bunting or slapping. The batter must finish her swing/break her wrist. Hits that drop in
front of home plate will be redone.

C.   Every person bats every inning.

D. Every batter is required to wear a helmet with a face mask and chin strap.

14.     Base running

A. No stealing bases.

B. No sliding into any base. This is a safety issue and every play must be stopped and explained why it is not allowed right now.

C. The runner may not leave the base until the ball is hit by a batter.

D. Runner must be taught to avoid contact or give herself up.

E. Runners advance one base at a time.

15.     Fielders and defensive coaches may not interfere with base runners. If either one intentionally impedes the progress of a runner-stop the game and use this as a teachable moment. Explain that a runner will automatically get the next base when this occurs.

16.     When a batted ball not touched by a fielder hits a base runner-use this as a teachable moment and explain that they must avoid contact with the ball while running the bases. Inform them that when this happens - players are out and must sit down.

17.     Coaches who are pitching, (beginning in June,) do not have to stand in the pitcher's circle; however you may be safer doing so. Be careful.

18.     Field Dimensions

A. Base paths - 55 feet

B. Each first base must be a double base with the orange on the foul side of the base line.

C. Pitching Mound - 35 ft. with circle

19.   Practices and Games  - Saturdays only

Softball Policies


The equipment coordinator, Taryn Kulp, will hand out and
0collect all equipment during the fall and spring seasons.

All head coaches are expected to meet with him to collect
and hand back their equipment before and at the end of
their season.

The softball coordinator will contact all head coaches to
determine the time, date, and location for these exchanges.

Reasons for this:

1.  When equipment is collected, it will be examined for
rips, tears, or usability (safety)

2.  When the equipment is handed out, there will be a
list of who has it, what they have, and what they
should give back (accountability) and this wil be
verified upon equipment return as well.

3.  By having one pick up and drop off location, date,
and time, we will avoid equipment being dumped
at various locations and possibly becoming lost

Coaches' Responsibilities regarding equipment:

1.  If you cannot physically attend the pick up or
drop off, you will arrange for an assistant to
do it for you.

2.  You will verify that all equipment is the correct
size (helmets and catcher's gear) before the
2nd week of practice.
       3.  You will report any broken or dangerous
equipment within 24 hours to the equipment
coordinator ( and the
softball coordinator (

4.  You will NOT play in any games or hold
practices with unsafe or broken equipment
for the safety of the players.


The uniform coordinator will hand out all uniforms
during the fall and spring seasons.

The softball coordinator will contact all head
coaches to determine the time, date, and location
for these exchanges.

When players sign up for softball, they indicate the
size of their child's jersey.  We go by this size.  All
jerseys will be supplied to the coach and handed out
according to noted size.  At the time of sizing and
receiving their uniform jersey, parents must sign
that they have it and are expected to return it and
will be responsible for replacing it when it does not
get returned at the end of the season.

At the last game of the season, players are expected
to turn in their jersey to the coach.  if the jersey is not
collected, the family must purchase the jersey to
replace it.

Our jerseys are designed to be longer (so that they
can tuck them in - league rules) and tighter around the
arms.  In the event, your child wants a looser shirt
around the arms, please consider this when ordering.
The shirt will hang around the arm and could expose
the girls - an undershirt would be recommended.



Fields and Facilites

It is important to note that all of Lower Macungie's fields fall under the jurisdication & maintenance of the Lower Macungie Township.  LMT has a policy regarding trash:  you bring it with you to field, you should take the trash with you home and throw it away. We have garbage cans as a courtesy; however, we ask that you take your trash home to throw it away as much as possible.  Our trash cans fill up rather quickly.  Also, please do not dump food anywhere on the park grounds.  This is still littering.
All families are responsible for their children.  You are responsible to keep them safe and to keep them from public destruction of the park.  Please watch them to ensure their safety and appropriate behaviors.    

Wild Cherry Fields are located off of Lower Macungie Road at Wild Cherry Lane.

Wild Cherry #1 also known as Wild Cherry Pavilion is located next to the pavilion closest to Wild Cherry Lane.  The parking lot is located around the back of the park near the basketball courts.

Wild Cherry #2 also known as Wild Cherry Turnpike is located at the back of the park.
Wescosville Fields
These fields have two separate entrances.  Directions are located below for each one.  If you erroneously park in the wrong parking lot, the other field is within walking distance.  There are permanent restrooms located at the Upper field and a portable restroom at the Lower field.  There is paved parking at both fields.  There are bleachers at both fields.  There is a tennis court located at the Lower field.  There is a pavilion at the Upper field.


Please view this link for directions.  Simply add your address to the website for more accurate directions.  You access this parking area through a one-way entrance into the Wescosville Community Center parking lot.  Follow the entrance down and to the left and parking is located at the far left of the parking lot area.

Directions from Route 100:

Directions from Route 309: *When you get off of 309 and merge onto Hamilton Blvd - stay in the right lane!! You will exit Brookside Road which is on your right

Directions from Route 22:



You access this parking area through an entrance off of Brookside Road near the Hunan Springs Restaurant.  Follow the entrance straight back into the parking lot.  The entrance is very obscured and there is no sign.  Please drive slowly as your near the traffic light/Hunan Springs restaurant.  Coming from the by-pass - if you've reached the traffic light at Brookside Road/Hamilton Blvd then you have gone too far.  Coming from Brookside Road or Hamilton Blvd - if you've passed Hunan Springs Restaurant and have reached a dead end road then you've gone too far.

Directions from Route 100:

Follow similar directions as the Upper field EXCEPT you will NOT turn left onto Hamilton Blvd.  You will go straight through the light (Hunan Springs Restaurant is to your left on the other side of the street and WaWa is on your right hand side.)  Once you pass straight through the light, the parking lot entrance is located immediately after the restaurant parking lot.  It is on your left.  If you drive to the business buildings on your left and day care on your right - you've gone too far and must turn around.  The street is  a dead end.

Directions from Route 309:

Follow similar directions as the Upper field EXCEPT you will not turn right at the traffic light onto Hamilton Blvd.  The entrance to the park is on your right BEFORE the Hunan Springs Restaurant parking lot.  The entrance is very obscured and difficult to see from the road.


Directions from Route 22:

Follow similar directions as the Upper field EXCEPT you will not turn right at the traffic light onto Hamilton Blvd.  The entrance to the park is on your right BEFORE the Hunan Springs Restaurant parking lot.  The entrance is very obscured and difficult to see from the road.

Rodale Park Field

This field is located off of Riverbend Road in Lower Macungie Township.  Please click on the closest highway you will be traveling and feel free to add your own address to the directions calculator on the top left of the website.  This field has paved parking, a playground  for younger siblings, a basketball court and a portable restroom.  There are no bleachers and chairs will be necessary.  The dug-out areas of this field are covered and players are protected from the elements.

Directions from Route 100:

East Texas Small Field 

This field is located on East Texas Road between Brookside Rd and Lower Macungie Rd. Please feel free to input your own address in this link for better directions if you choose to do so.  The actual field is accessed by driving onto the East Texas Post Office entrance and through the back until you reach a grass area.  You will be parking in a grass area all the way back.  The field and shed are located to the left of the entrance.  If this area is crowded or there is no more parking, please exit the East Texas Post Office entrance by turning left and entering the parking lot to the very next left.  This is a paved parking lot on the opposite side of the playground.  If you park here instead, simply walk over to the East Texas small field area.

This park has regular restrooms which are located in the large shed near the small field, tennis courts, a playground for siblings to play and a covered pavilion.  There are no bleachers located at this field and chairs will be necesssary.  The dug-out areas of this field are not covered and are open to the elements.

Directions from Route 100:

Directions from Route 309:


LMYA Coach Training

Team Management/Skills Training
*Coaches-this is always available to you!  We have several coaches who have
been coaching for years and invite you to join them for one or more of their
practices to see how they run practice, manage drills, and/or coach the game.
Simply contact me and I will give you dates of practices and/or game locations
for you to watch

Other Camps & Clinics

Contact:  Sarah Maulorico (
Checks Payable to:  Arnaud C. Marts Center
Attn:  Wilkes Softball
274 South Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766

Megan McCormick - Private and/or group lessons on hitting
Please contact her for pricing information:
*Current JV Coach for Tulpehocken High School in PA*

MORAVIAN COLLEGE's Greyhound Softball Camp

Hitter's Edge/7 Deadly Spins/Morvian College - Summer Softball Clinic

Contact: Alex MacLean (

NIKE Softball Camps:









Emmaus High School Softball Clinic

Where:  Williams Street & Kiwanis Fields in Emmaus
Contact information:

Pocono Dome -- Sciota

*Numerous clinics and seminars are run through out the year.  Please check their website
and/or get onto their email distribution list to be informed.


Softball Administration and Coordinators

  Contact Info
Softball Coordinator Adam Schwab
Travel Coordinator
Adam Schwab
Instructional Coordinator
Intramural Coordinator
Wescosville Field Prep
East Texas/Rodale Field Prep
Wild Cherry Field Prep
U12 Travel Coach
Kim Dencler
U14Travel Coach
Mitch Friedman
U14 Travel Coach
Adam Schwab
see above email
U16 Travel Coach
see above email
Equipment Coordinator
Taryn Kulp
Intramural Field Scheduler
Travel Field Scheduler
Adam Schwab
*see above email*
Uniform Coordinator
Taryn Kulp
*see above email*
Picture Coordinator
Snack Bar Coordinator (WC Shed)
Apparel Coordinator

Softball Committee Meetings

Our softball committee meets frequently through out the year to meet with coaches, discuss rule changes and to plan for the upcoming seasons.  Any and all people are welcome to attend our open meetings.  We will follow an agenda and leave open comments at the end of each meeting for non-committee guests to speak.  If any person is interested in becoming a member of our committee, please email me (AKresley@ Please understand that this is not a Booster Club.  We are working on beginning a Booster Club for Softball.  If anyone is interested in being the Booster Club Coordinator, please email the Softball Coordinator.

Below are the dates & times of future meetings - locations TBA in email notification:



Tawnia Cunningham
Mitch Friedman
Adam Schwab
Mike Tokar
Rick Kresley
Taryn Kulp



Parents interested in volunteering in coaching, administrative assistance or field assistance, please contact the LMYA Softball Coordinator.

Introduction to Positions Held in LMYA Softball

LMYA is made up of various volunteers who donate their knowledge, skill sets and time for your children at various levels including board members, coaches, and coordinators.  LMYA Softball goes to many lengths to ensure that qualified, caring, and knowledgeable people are involved.  We regulate various volunteer positions by running background checks (see LMYA policy on this,) and holding clinics.  All new coaches are required to attend a coaching clinic where we will instruct them on how to run a practice, how to effectively communicate with parents, and introduce them to LMYA policy.   All coaches are encouraged to visit veteran coaches' practices, preferably a travel team, to see how a practice is run and to witness the various instructional techniques used.  All coaches attend various meetings, for LMYA and the league they play in, to discuss rules, policies, and basic fundamentals regarding coaching.  LMYA has a strict coaching policy which must be followed.  All coaches must agree to and follow LMYA's philosophy to be a head coach.

In addition to this, we have coordinators who volunteer and are the heart and soul of this program.  At this point, there are numerous positions being filled by the same person.  We are looking for these to be filled by different people.  Please volunteer your time!  I have listed the various coordinator positions and duties required.  All current coordinators are posted along with current season's head coaches under Contacts.  We rely on our parents to communicate with the coordinators to ensure that our sport is running efficiently and appropriately. There is a chain of command for communcation and we ask that everyone follow it (this information is sent to parents at the beginning of every season and discussed with coaches at meetings.)  As a parent, if you see someone struggling, please step up and offer your assistance.  Everyone is simply a volunteer and we can all learn from and help each other.   We need your assistance and help to become a better organization.  Our first priority is always the players!

Another important job in LMYA Softball is our field preps.  LMYA Softball has paid field preps who receive $15 per field to prep for a game and $10 per hour to maintain fields before the season and/or fix them after a storm, etc.  Being a field prep is not an easy job and involves a lot of travel, equates to a part time job, and involves manual labor which is why we decided to offer this as a paid position.  The field prep responsibilities are also listed below along with who they are and for what season they work in the contacts list.  All Softball field preps must have a valid driver's license.  The qualifications of this job are very important because of the expectations of a field prep involving knowing the field dimensions, how to prep a field correctly, having basic mechanical knowledge to be able to perform light work with our equipment (adding gas, adding/removing attachments to use our groomer appropriately, and addresing slight mechanical issues as needed.)

Detailed Job Description of Coordinator Positions


Regular Duties include ($15.00 per field flat rate) :

Groom field (using groomer machine) before each scheduled game
Line field and batting box before each scheduled game
Ensure plugs are easily visible for head coaches prior to game at proper feet
Painting foul lines and out of play lines before each scheduled game
Contacting coaches to cancel games

Maintenance Duties include ($10.00 per hour) :

Prior to start of games: weekly maintenance of fields
(this includes: grooming, upkeep, removal of rocks and weeds, adding dirt, etc.)
Cleaning & upkeep of storage sheds and equipment during game season
Ensuring required items are in shed at all times
Locking and unlocking of storage sheds for practices & games
In the case of rain:  pushing water off the field with coaches (if you choose to do so)
Provide gas for use in groomer (to be reimbursed at end of season)
Some basic groomer maintenance and repair


Must be 18 years old and hold a valid PA driver's license
The ideal candidates:  will have knowledge of field dimensions & understand the sport
and will have basic machine operation knowledge for running the groomer
Train with a current field prep to understand your duties

Wild Cherry Snack Bar  

Duties include:

Organize snack stand coverage for all home softball games at the Pavilion field
Organize snack stand coverage for the soccer games held at WC fields
Ensure food supply for operation
Organize snack stand menu & price sheet
Oversee the operation & coverage (not in person)
Organize an operation sheet (to communicate responsibilities to volunteers)
-This is not a complete list-

Age Level Coordinators

Fall & Spring duties include:

Assist Intramural Coordinator and Overall Coordinator with team selection
Serve as liason between parents and Intramural Coordinator
Assist Apparel Coordinator with apparel hand out if necessary
Assist Uniform Coordinator with uniform hand out
Attend league meetings if you prefer to understand rules and policies

Picture Coordinator

Duties include:

Communicate with picture company
Set up date and times for pictures for spring and fall seasons
Communicate date and times with all coordinators
Attend picture event as representative
Arrange pick up of pictures by age level coordinators
*Not a complete list*

Apparel Coordinator

Duties include:

Collecting orders & payment for spring and fall orders
Communicating with overall coordinator at all times
Communicating with customers through out process
Sorting apparel for collection
Arrange and attend pick up of apparel orders
*Not a complete list*

Requirement for Coaching

Requirements for coaching LMYA softball:

* All coaches must read, agree to, and follow LMYA's policies regarding coaching
conduct & player instruction

* All coaches must coach their team at the appropriate league against the designated
teams in that league (determined by coordinators,)  attend designated practice locations
and times, participate in all the league's post season activities (all star games or play-offs,)
and work with other coaches and coordinators within LMYA Intramural and Travel to
ensure that players are learning and excelling at fundamentals, having fun while playing,
and playing at their appropriate skill level/age bracket.

* In order for ANY person to be listed as a head coach for LMYA softball teams, we sak that
they participate in a general coaching clinic where two things will be covered:  General
expectations of head coaches/LMYA policies and a HANDS-ON coaching  clinic.  There are
also opportunities for ANY COACH to contact ANY of the travel coaches to arrange a visit
to one of their practices where you can observe them and their teams.  The hands-on clinic
is offered to share ideas between coaches and to give you a chance to see HOW to teach
skills to players at various levels. It is valuable and all new coaches must attend and we
ask veteran coaches to atend to share ideas and techniques.

*Head coaches are listed from season to season.  Coaching in one season does not
guarantee that you are again coaching in the next  season.  There are rules
regarding how teams are formed and coaches do not carry teams from season
to season.

*Any coach may be withdrawn from a head coach position from season to season for many
reasons, including but not limited to: If you are moving up an age group, a senior coach
will be given a team over a newer coach entering that age division, two or more valid,
parent complaints and behaviors listed in LMYA and/or League's Coach's Code of
Conduct (COC) which are violated.
Many leagues have by-laws which list steps which must be taken to remove a coach who
is reported to have violated these code of conduct rules.  In the event LMYA is contacted
regarding a coach violating COC rules, that coach must adhere to the league's rules  in
regard to whether or not that coach may coach in the future.  As a participant in said
Leagues, LMYA agrees to place coaches in charge of teams who agree to and follow
these COC guidelines. There can be no complaint with LMYA if you are found guilty
by the League and not able to coach any longer.  You will not be asked back to coach.
Travel coaches:  in the event parental complaints are received, and there is enough
complaints that families may leave or there will not be a team if you return, LMYA
(Overall coordinator and Travel coordinator along with Executive Director) may
determine if removal of a coach is warranted in order to preserve a team.   All
complaints will remain confidential.

Beginning 3/1/15:  New coaching requirements per LMYA Board of Directors

*Concussion Online Training by all HEAD coaches.
Must submit copy of completed certificate to overall coordinator before 1st practice.
All aspects of the concussion training must be followed by all coaches.  No exceptions.

*Safety and Weather Policy:  All practices must be cancelled/stopped immediately
when coaches see lightning or hear thunder.   All games (with and without umpires)
are to hold games 1/2 hour for each lightning strike.  If you see two or more lightning
strikes, the game should be cancelled/stopped.

Any questions on these requirements, please contact Amy Kresley,
Overall Coordinator at